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What defines a summer wine? Wine Nelson

Now that the sun’s out, we’re wondering – what defines a summer wine?
With rosé finally breaking free of its strictly summer boundaries and more people recognizing that reds can be successfully chilled, it’s time to rethink what makes a bottle fit for the sunny weather.
☀️ Paired with the season: fresh fish, platters, salads on repeat – whatever you’re eating, pair that summer goodness with a wine that compliments the season.
☀️ Refreshing: A summer wine hits the spot when temperatures hit the highs. Keep it fresh, keep it light and keep it chilled at the ready for those lazy afternoons.
☀️ Easy to drink: There’s a time and place for complex nuances, and another time entirely for that easy-drinking bottle that everyone can get behind!
What will you be drinking this summer? ?

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