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Expressions Florists – Quality flowers for all occasions

This week we heard the news. The world’s population has ticked over the 8 billion mark. I know it’s just a number, but here in Sunny Nelson it has an impact, and local business is flourishing as a result.

We chatted with Kelly at Expressions Florist on Hardy Street.

“Our business has been doing very well. We are approximately 3 times up compared to last year.” When asked about what’s changed:

“We have noticed a lot of funerals and general online traffic has increased. There’s more online orders, more weddings, more birthdays and of course Mother’s day and Valentine’s day is especially busy for us.”

After discussing this, we have agreed on the fact that there are just more people in the mix. Our region is growing fast. More people equals more orders. There are all sorts of occasions that suit flowers and people can come into Expressions Florists and request special orders, advice on how to keep their flowers looking nicer for longer and purchase gifts.

Kelly now has 3 staff members and the last time we talked it was just her and a part-timer.

So, I fired her (what I thought was the ultimate question)
How has the busy life affected how you run your family life?

“I’m getting used to dropping the kids off at school and leaving the car running. Things like this can save you time and when I arrive at work it’s non-stop busy.” Kelly laughs.

We joke about what is the acceptable speed to slow your car before you push the kids out the door. Her amazing partner happily does the business bookwork which allows Kelly to focus on the here and now. Customers, phone calls, questions, emails, service and of course creating beautiful arrangements.

Some customers enter the shop while I conduct this interview:

“This orchard is perfect!”, says the customer.

“They love some Orchard food, it’s a great product that will help them stay beautiful for longer,” says Kelly with a smile.

Other customers are inquiring about gifts and a specific plant for a friend. It’s all go! We have passed into the next season. Tourists are coming back into town from Cruise-ships and from far away.

It’s strange that I even mention this, but last week I had to stop at a pedestrian crossing while 50 people (clearly tourists) taking photos of the church steps. Something warm and fuzzy entered my soul. Should I take a pic of this rare scene? Its’ been a while…

Nelson was built with tourists in mind, we forget that 2 years ago it all changed with Covid, however, it’s the tourists that remind us that this place is simply amazing. Just check out the look on their faces as they pan their video cameras around the scenery and the smile on their faces.

I do feel sorry for their grandchildren who have to watch it for hours, however, we do live in paradise and Nelson is starting to bloom again – just like the flowers!

Visit their website for more information and know you are in good hands when you need flowers for a forgiveness situation, birthday celebrations or funeral events. Expressions Florists have got your back! Plus you will be supporting some wonderful hardworking locals.


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