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Connect Centre – A place for training, learning and play

It’s the real deal… It is Pilates as Joseph Pilates created it.
Known as Traditional Pilates or Classical Pilates, it is not watered down or franchised… it is simply taught the way it was always intended to be taught, as a system, a discipline, a practice.

I walk into Connect Centre Pilates. It’s a New York-styled space in the central Nelson CBD, on the corner of Trafalgar and New Street. This is a magical space with stunning wooden floors, high ceilings and large windows. A beautiful, lush tree adorns the window views with the NCC building opposite.

I meet Lisa the owner and she is a positive and fit-looking personality who obviously walks the walk and talks the talk. She is originally from England, where she trained extensively in this precise art of Pilates.

Formerly an accountant, Lisa spent too many hours staring at a screen knowing she wanted to be doing something entirely different.

On a trip to New Zealand she happened upon a Classical Pilates studio, and knew this was what she wanted to put her focus into. Lucky us, she is now in Nelson and has created such an awesome space. Besides the beautiful studio with the hand built, top quality equipment, there is a tastefully designed lounge area for drinking tea & coffee and chatting with your fellow class-goers.

“Learning how your body works and breathing through the full process not only helps you relax, it helps you make better decisions while lifting and using your body to work smarter.”

The better known areas of Pilates are the matwork and the reformer, however the Traditional Pilates system includes many other pieces of equipment, all invented by Joseph Pilates, to be used together to create fit, strong and healthy bodies.

It’s not a gimmick, it’s an art, like learning classical piano or a martial art, it requires practice and focus. Spend time and dedication to this and you will be greatly rewarded.

“The studio and the practice is for everyone, from the injured and the less mobile to the high performing athletes. The practice serves everyone, to move better, feel better and perform better. It feels good putting your mind into your body and gaining a greater understanding of how you move and respond to life’s challenges. You are learning to move well and that pays big dividends.” says Lisa.

“We’re not here to just do an exercise class; there’s a focus on working towards something greater than that, no matter where you currently are at with your bodies strength & mobility. Pilates is for life, once you start you won’t want to do without it, because it just keeps getting better.”

In the 1930’s Joseph Pilates pioneered this technique in New York. He became very well known for working with Ballet dancers, who were suffering from all sorts of injuries. He named his technique, now known as Pilates, “Contrology – The Art of Controlled Movement.”

“It is low impact and customised for anyone with any specific injury or limitation. It’s all about learning to move well, this way there are no surprises like back twinges etc from
putting on a seatbelt or lifting something at a strange angle – these can be avoided naturally.

The pathway to getting into a class is unique. You can enjoy a couple of discounted private sessions, then Lisa will assess how your body is functioning, know your goals and
can customise a program to suit you.

Sessions are limited to 4 people and every student is working on their own program under the guidance of Lisa. Sessions are for 55 minutes. No gimmicks or high energy music. It’s the focus on controlled movement that has such a massive benefit to her clients.

Lisa met her husband in New Zealand while he was working for DOC on Great Barrier Island. Having worked in a Classical Pilates studio in Auckland for 2 and a half years they moved to the Nelson Lakes region, where Lisa taught Pilates to the community there, As a result, several of her St Arnaud clients car pool to Nelson once a week, a 3 hour round trip to come have a session with her. Now that is saying something!

Make a point to visit her website. Make a booking and discover a whole new world of vitality. You won’t regret it! Perhaps this could be a new years resolution?

Explore the virtaul tour at Connect Centre Pilates

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