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How do I rehydrate my skin?: Woman Beauty Day Spa

How do I rehydrate my skin? It’s a question people often ask us, especially at this time of year.

Why is my skin dehydrated?
But before we look at how to rehydrate your skin, let’s look at how it became dehydrated in the first place.

Environmental Factors:
We often expect dehydrated skin in winter when transitioning from cold outside temperatures to inside heated spaces can affect your skin. But summer comes with its environmental factors too. Sun exposure, heat and chlorine are all factors that can dry out your skin in the warmer months. But you don’t need to give up pool days and beach days. You just need to prepare your skin for summer fun and treat it well through the season.

Alcohol and Diet:
We all have a bit of a blowout at Christmas. If you’ve been surviving the previous night’s excesses by upping your coffee in the morning, your skin will suffer. Both coffee and alcohol deplete your skin’s water content. Similarly, if you’ve indulged in too many sweet or salty snacks, your skin will be showing the results of this. Salt also extracts fluid from your body and sugar can weaken collagen production.

How do I know my skin is dehydrated?
Dehydrated skin is different to dry skin. Dry skin needs moisture, and it’s a skin type. So, you’re probably already using products to combat dry skin and keep it in good shape. Dehydrated skin is a condition rather than a skin type. It needs water, and it needs it now!

Typical symptoms of dehydrated skin:

  • Overall dullness, clogged pores, congestion and a lacklustre complexion.
  • Fine lines on the surface of your skin.
  • Sensitive, itchy or irritated skin.
  • Undereye circles and darker shadowed skin around the face.

How do I rehydrate my skin?
The good news is that your skin just needs some TLC. Here are three ways to fast-track skin rehydration.

Celebrate the month with a bit of abstinence:
The beginning of the year is a great time to participate in Dry January or Veganuary.

Dry January speaks for itself. A month free from alcohol will not just help get your skin in great shape, but you’re sure to notice benefits elsewhere too.

When it comes to Veganuary, there is a school of thought that plant-based eating can help you achieve glowing skin. Even if you decide not to go entirely plant-based, consider upping your intake of some delicious summer essentials like watermelon, berries, stone fruit, citrus, peppers and tomatoes. These foods are all water-rich and will give you a boost of much-needed hydration.

Find the perfect product to plump:
Ultraceuticals, one of Australia’s pre-eminent cosmeceutical brands and one of our bestselling product lines, has a range of serums, masks and moisturisers designed to support your skin’s hydration levels. The Ultra B Hydration Mask features panthenol, sodium hyaluronate and peptides to help calm, comfort and restore hydration to your skin. Enriched with Niacinamide, this moisturising mask works to plump the skin visibly. You’ll find the link to our Ultraceuticals shop on our home page, or call into the spa when we reopen.

Take advantage of our Hydra Facial Special:
Our new and improved Hydra Facial is still on offer as one of our summer seasonal specials. This intense hydration experience restores and reactivates your skin with immediate and long-lasting effects. Enjoy double serums and masks in a single treatment. Buy yours HERE.

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