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New year, new you, new skills, new start!: Te Whare Ora-The Healing Hut

💌New year, 🪔new you, 😀new skills,🤹 new start! 🧸
🎉My teacher Myffie James – Holistic Mind Body will run a Holistic Pulsing weekend Workshop in early March.📅 It’s a NZQA Level 5 certified course.
💯You will learn relaxation pulsing,🪬 which directly benefit your family.🧑‍🦳🧑🧒👶🧑‍🦰👱 And you can do it anywhere anytime, on floor or in chair.💫
Research shows couples who do bodywork for each other have better quality relationship.
Space is limited, contact Myffie James – Holistic Mind Body if you are interested!

Click here to find out more…

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