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For the Love of Gardening: Global Soap

When spring and summer hits, there’s no better time to get your hands dirty. Since our world is inundated by noise and business, gardening can provide an escape from the hustle and bustle of a busy life. It’s a potent form of mindfulness as it forces the mind to be in the moment. There’s no way to garden and text at the same time 🙂
Gardening is also good for the physique. Weeding, digging, hoeing and carrying stuff around all day — your limbs and torso may finish out the season a bit more buff than they were in spring. How good does fresh air and physical activity feel especially when the fruit of your labour puts great food on the table?
The extremities, however, are another matter. After scratching around in the soil, dirt and grime sinks into every crevice of your skin and lodges under the fingernails. Although this may be a gardener’s badges of honour, our Gardening Soap is the perfect solution for washing up after a hard day in the garden.

Our Gardening Soap is made with finely ground pumice powder sourced from NZ volcanic rock which is an excellent natural exfoliant in cosmetics. It’s ideal for both cleansing and polishing your skin, leaving it looking visibly healthier and refreshed. Oodles of sand is also added to effectively remove surface dirt and grime. The addition of Olive Oil also helps hydrate and repair hard-working hands. Olive Oil is known to provide relief to such skin conditions as eczema and psoriasis.

Our Gardening Soap feels amazing on the feet too particularly on cracked dry heels!

January Kick Start Offer
Don’t forget about our BIG JANUARY OFFER. Spend over $50.00 online with us this month and you will receive not one but TWO free Body Soaps (large size, no packaging). You also get to choose your favourites from our range of 11 heavenly bars. Just type in the bars you would like (for example ‘Manuka’ and/or ‘Calendula’) into the notes field when placing an order. Available until Jan 31.

We believe handcrafted luxury should be enjoyed everyday and get a buzz making a difference in our customers daily wash routine. Each batch of Global Soap is lovingly handmade, hand cut and cured by us here in Nelson. Whether you’re in the mood for smooth, textured, floral, fruity, woody, fresh or any combination thereof, we have the Soap Du Jour for you.


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