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Te Whare Ora -The Healing Hut, a place of healing

The path to healing can be quite the journey. Be it emotional or physical, it’s a journey one must undergo with an open mind.

Chinese medicine and Eastern wisdom have been around for thousands of years. It’s an ancient art form that has been passed down from generation to generation and refined to perfection.

It takes a special person to master these skills and when you meet Jingjing you know you are in the presence of a star, who has been refined by the fires of life.

Jingjing has worked in some interesting places. She holds a degree in Law from China was an in-house lawyer dealing with conflict resolution 15 years ago. Then worked as a legal assistant/law clerk at Pitt & Moore in Nelson.

“I’ve seen a lot of stress and can understand how it affects us in the workplace. It’s a huge asset to have this level of insight when I listen and work with my clients,” says Jingling.

She has worked as an assistant to a psychologist where some valuable lessons were gained regarding the human mind. It has helped shape her understanding and personal philosophy for wellness.

She met a kiwi and fell in love. It was 6 months later when tragedy struck, he had a sudden heart failure and passed away.

It helped her build empathy for others who have endured hardships of this nature.

“I had to find myself again. Start a fresh life and completely rebuild. I spent some time volunteering for a community in North Yorkshire, England, called Bottom Village, which really helped me form my healing techniques I use today. I worked with special needs children, which was very rewarding and insightful. It was a community where there was no currency, just people helping each other. It changed the way I view money.”

Jingjing is a superstar, her calm manner helps you relax. She has a range of treatments like ‘Holistic Pulsing’.

The healing art of Holistic Pulsing originated in NZ and is not just working on muscles but works on the fluid in your body. 90 percent of our body is made of water. The gentle rocking motion encourages the sluggish chi flows again.

Clients find themselves in a deep meditative state in a matter of minutes. The body is completely free of any tension.

Jingjing is also certified in the UK as a ‘fitness instructor’ and has learnt Chinese martial arts, Traditional Chinese massage and Tai Chi from her upbringing from both a Sifu (master) and family.

“When we relax, the body starts to heal. I love to teach my clients how to listen to their body.”

The Healing hut is beautifully laid out with Tibetan Buddhist Prayer flags and adds to the relaxing vibe.

Her client testimonials say even more…

A wonderful, deeply relaxing and peaceful experience. So soothing – body, mind and soul. Jingjing has an incredible tender touch and best of all, no need to remove clothing and no greasy oil afterwards. Will most definitely be going back for more! – Gael G

“I had my 1st Holistic Pulsing session with Jingjing and WOW my body was so relaxed afterwards! The rocking is so calming for the body and nervous system. I’ve also recently finished 10 weeks of beginner Qi Gong with Jingjing, she is an amazing teacher. I like how she gets you to listen to your own body and how it wants to move. I look forward to future classes with this amazing lady.” – Hayley M.

Make a booking today, you won’t regret it. It’s a beautiful and unique experience.

Explore the virtual tour at Te Whare Ora-The Healing Hut

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