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Sound Movement Journey-Nelson: Connect Centre Pilates

Join me and my beautiful friend Jaz, weaving dance, pilates and sound together with crystal sound bowls.
Saturday 4th
121 Trafalgar St, Nelson (entrance on New Street).
$20- cash or direct debit.
-come early for a cup of tea!
-I (Lisa)will share pelvic and mobility exercises from drawing from the Traditional Method of Pilates.
-Jaz, from Moving Rivers will share breath and movement practices, bringing in foundational exercises from contemporary dance and energy medicine.
-Quarts Crystal Sound Bowls will support your body’s natural healing process by bringing you into your parasympathetic nervous system state and into the alpha-theta brainwave state.
Some people have also expressed feeling;-
-Deeper into their bodies and into the present moment.
-Closer to their individual creative power
The journey will finish with a brief sound bath giving you a fuller sense of the truth and beauty of who you are.
This is a great way to make space for yourself, come to the beautiful studio and have a cup of tea before, or stay after for a tea and a chat. We can be so full of life’s flurry at this time of year, and the decedent celebrations. Now is a good time to refresh, come home to the body, and connect to our creative flow that moves through all of us.
We are both filled with excitement to share our shared passion of embodiment;- supporting and guiding people to embody their unique creative power through movement.
Get in touch and stay connected;-
021 202 4034
‘Connect.Centre.Pilates’ – Fb & Insta
‘Moving Rivers’ Fb & Insta
We look forward to connecting!
Lisa and Jaz ?
-Connect Centre Pilates and Movement Studio
At Connect Centre Pilates, we’re all about the journey, to feel the empowerment in conscious and intentional movement of your body as you get ever closer to and achieve your goals.
Every day sense that you’re building a strong & functional body that wants to move!
-Moving Rivers – energy in motion
Weaving energy, movement and sound healing and performing arts together to create connection and community, for sanctuary, union and healing. This is an embodied support system guiding you to embody the truth and beauty of who you are.
Originally from England, I trained as an accountant and after 12 years of sitting at a desk, eyes glued to a screen, I decided I wanted something different for myself. I wanted to move my body, feel energised and to do something that served others.
I didn’t know what this would look like until on a round-the-world trip I walked into a Classical Pilates studio in Wellington.
From that day, my life had direction that has led me to opening Connect Centre Pilates in Nelson.
I completed a 600 hour comprehensive training in The Method of Joseph Pilates at Pi Studio in London. I have also had the privilege of attending many workshops and trainings with some of the most revered Classical Pilates teachers in the world.
I continue my learning and movement exploration with my mentor Jacqueline Martin of Lineage Pilates.
It is my goal to support and guide people to feel freedom in their bodies and to live a fuller life with access to more movement, agility, strength and confidence.
Jasmine is a mover;- in dance, sound, energy and breath. Bridging the two worlds of performance and healing arts. Creating space for individual, partnered and group embodiment work. Using her professional training in contemporary dance and over ten years experience in meditation and intuitive development to help others embody and remember their innate nature and purpose to support people back to their wholeness. Jasmine has collaborated, performed and assisted in the East Point West Artist residency in Melbourne, Sydney and dance festival in Kuala Lumpur, collaborated and performed with fellow performance artist in Auckland, facilitated workshops in Auckland, Northern New South Wales, and Otautahi Christchurch including meditation and dance workshops within the Two4Nine programme at A Supported Life, youth performing arts and speech and drama with Otamatea Repertory Theatre and Shine- School of Confidence. Jasmine has founded Moving Rivers – a base to come back to wholeness through awareness. Currently Jasmine offers one on one, couples and group healing sessions with crystal sound bowls and bodywork including miri miri, energy medicine, group Sound and Movement journey’s and women’s circles. Jasmine has just completed her L2 training in Energy Medicine Facilitation and is about to become a dance teacher in Taupo. “I intend to serve the greater good of all through the lived experience of the heart”.


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