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Flow/My Fantasy Amusement Park / Do You Copy? until the 11th February: Refinery ArtSpace

5 plus 2:
Opening Celebration and Artist Talk 5.30pm – 7pm Monday 13th Feb.

Presenting work by both internationally recognized, and New Zealand’s more established glass artists, alongside invited local emerging artists, 5 plus 2 showcases the medium of glass in its many forms: cast, blown, hot shop sculpted, kiln-form, and fused.
5 : A travelling exhibition by 5 women working with glass. Carmen Simmonds, Evelyn Dunstan, Heather Kremen, Karin Barr and Kate Cornwall bring their diverse and contemporary treatment to this traditional medium.
The exhibition highlights 5 pieces from each artist – each woman bringing their individual style to their glass work – highlighting the incredible versatility of glass as a medium.
2 : Two local women, glass practitioners, have been invited to join the Whakatū iteration of this fabulous show. Roz Spiers and Emily Lake bring their unique style to complement the travelling work. The show refreshing each iteration of the exhibition with local input.

A ‘must see’ exhibition, revealing the future of glass in NZ is in good hands!

COAST: 3 Responses
Opening celebration and Meet the Artists. 5.30pm – 7pm Monday 13th Feb

We are surrounded by ocean. Thoughts of the ocean bring childhood nostalgia, it is our adult playground, our sustenance (spiritual, kaimoana and livelihood), and the place we live (community).
Coast is an inclusive word that has different forms and uses: beach, bay, marsh, estuary, marine reserve, national park, and liminal zones like the native forest edging it and river mouths spilling into the ocean. It also covers feeling and states of being – ‘coast’ is a term that denotes leisurely pursuits, and ‘going with the flow’.
Coast allows for a diversity of personal and collective experience. As a collaborative group each brings a different persepctive:
Melissa Davidson – Tide Lines. An exploration in drawing
Michael Potter – Coastal Geology. Works in clay inspired by the beaches in the Tasman region. It is at the water’s edge that has inspired me for this body of work.
Lois Morgan – Nostalgia. As dwellers in Aotearoa, the coast is in us and through us. This is deeply felt – an understood part of what makes us, us. The coast begs for creative expression. These painted works are a reflection of this.

TIED – A collaborative evolving sculptural installation by Artists Stef Naldi and Linda Dimitrievska who began looking for similarities, rather than differences, in their individual practices.

“A desire to find shared ideas morphed into a quest to try and tie our community back together through creative endeavours. At a time when people seem to become more and more distant, where relationships are falling apart over diverging opinions and beliefs, this work aims to connect us, in person and in making.

After numerous workshops across the region, the work on display carries imprints of our conversations, and the fingerprints of its many makers. Through traditional craft techniques a diverse and eclectic group of people have been knitted, and knitting, together.

The connections we have made have spanned many countries and stretched back through the fabric of time, linking us with our pasts, as well as anchoring us in the present.

This work will continue to grow and connect us, and we invite anyone who is so inclined to pick up either knitting needles or crochet hook, and add their stitches to ours.

A warm invitation to a Closing Celebration
Friday March 10th 5.30pm – 7pm

You have until the 11th February to experience the current dynamic and playful group of exhibitions by local and visiting artists.

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