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Nelson Farmers Market – Brimming with a diverse range of fresh local produce

It’s been around for 18 years. It’s moved locations a few times but it’s a great concept and with food prices rising there’s never been a better time to buy locally grown produce. Items like fruit, veggies, bread, jams and more.

It’s held every Wednesday from 8am – 1pm on Halifax St, right next door to the Elma Turner Library. There is plenty of parking and only a very short stroll to the main street in town. It’s held mid-week so to compliment the much larger Saturday morning markets in Montgomery Car Park.

There’s many of us who find ourselves in a pattern or habit of buying everything from the same supermarket and never really compare products elsewhere. “Mainstream supermarkets hold a duopoly in New Zealand with profits going offshore. Maybe it’s time we start thinking outside the square? There are a few things we might need to consider” says Miriam, Manager of the Nelson Farmers Market.

Growing locally for a smaller market often means the food is not needing sprays or growth stimulants to keep up with the pre-orders or agreed sales quotas. Local sunshine and quality soil is all they need to flourish. Often the local farmer can supply larger and better-quality produce.

The farmers get to chat directly to the public and build relationships. There’s also an opportunity for feedback on the quality and learn something about how it has been grown. There’s no shortage of care at the Nelson Farmers Market as the growers are passionate about what they grow and combine this with healthy minded consumers being passionate about knowing where their food is coming from.

Meet a local stall holder Warren Ensbey from Enzbee Honey:

Warren was part of the original Farmers Market at Founders Park and he has been a stall-holder for 18 years. Warren loves the whole ethos of the Farmers Market, buying directly from the producer and supporting local industries. He is very proud to be a consistent producer of top-quality honey which is sold in glass jars. He gets very good feedback over the taste and texture of his honey and really enjoys introducing honey to young people.

We spoke with Miriam, who is the Manager of the Nelson Farmers Market.

“I’ve been in this role for over 6 years and enjoy it very much. My role is about promoting the Market and individual stallholders, setting up the Market and ensuring health & safety protocols are followed, liaising with customers and ensuring the smooth running of the market on market day”.

“Lately I have been focusing on filling ‘gaps’ in the Market in terms of produce and products and at the moment we have all the key food bases covered. We have a great range that caters for all food tastes and dietary needs/preferences.”

Miriam has spent most of her life living in the Nelson region and is passionate about all it has to offer, including its growing potential.

“Food is seasonal, so we need that variety in our diet. It’s a natural occurrence that we should embrace and understand.”

Follow their Facebook and visit the website for more information. The vibe is friendly and relaxed, and you will be happy knowing you are supporting a local grower who will spend profits in our region. Everyone wins.

Find them at 23 Halifax Street from 8am to 1pm every Wednesday.

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