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Tips for Self-Care, celebrating YOU!: Woman Beauty Day Spa

February 14th is just around the corner, but it’s fair to say that over the years, we have fallen out of love with some aspects of Valentine’s Day. At Woman, we no longer believe you must wait for a single day and hope that someone else will buy you flowers or show you in some other way that you deserve love. In fact, we think you should celebrate your beauty and uniqueness every day! So, this year, why not mark the most romantic day of the year with an ongoing commitment to self-care? It’s the perfect way to celebrate you!

Tips for Self-Care, celebrating YOU!

Be by yourself

This month, pledge to set aside an hour, a morning or afternoon or even an entire day to be by yourself. In a world full of obligations, it seems more and more challenging to schedule alone time. But there are huge health and wellness benefits to focussing on yourself. It helps to refresh your mind and reduce stress. When you dedicate time and space to yourself, you can feel less overwhelmed by the humdrum of daily life.

Work on a list

No, we’re not suggesting a ‘to-do’ list… Quite the opposite. Instead, work on your ‘don’t-do’ list. Reflect upon the things dragging you down and write them down. Maybe, you stay at work beyond your paid hours to get things done. Perhaps, you’re always the one that initiates large family gatherings even though they are stressful to manage. It might just be that you’re fed up with cooking every night. Whatever your ‘burden’ is, write it down on your ‘don’t-do’ list and… Don’t do it!

Send yourself a love letter at the end of each day

Journal your achievements each day. These don’t have to be significant milestones. Too often, we forget to record the small wins. It might be the simple fact that you did take half an hour for yourself. Or perhaps you found the courage to tell your boss you couldn’t stay late that day.

Visit Woman

Our Nelson Day Spa is the perfect place to invest in self-care. Of course, once you walk through the doors to our tranquil space, it’s officially our job to care for you. But, deciding to book some time here is self-care enough. Visit us, and you’ll rediscover what it’s like to feel relaxed, stress-free and simply yourself once again. We can help you travel to a tropical island with a Pure Fiji treatment or daydream your way through a decadent day spa package.

If you’re ready to take a self-care journey in 2023, contact us to book your appointment.

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