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4 week course for Golfers and Tennis Players: Connect Centre Pilates

Event by Connect Centre Pilates
121 Trafalgar Street, Nelson

Calling all Golfers and Tennis Players
We all have imbalances in our body and tendencies to move a certain way to achieve an action, as simple as stepping one foot in front of the other or something more complex like swinging a golf club or tennis racket with the intention of a clean strike…and the ball going where you want it to.
We have weaknesses that are exacerbated by these tendencies to move a certain way…a way our body has learned to move, in response to that weakness.
Then we keep doing it.
And like Ido Portal says “The body will become better at what you do, or don’t do”
This course is for golfers and tennis players who
– Feel limited in their game due to an old or present injury
– Feel stiffness or discomfort while or after playing
– Want more body awareness to improve their game
– Keep suffering from the same injury
– Want to feel their body is strong & powerful throughout the game
– Want the magic ingredient to take their game to the next level – a body that moves better!
Move better. Feel better. Perform better. And enjoy the game more �
You will receive a learning & movement experience to feel more connected in your body, feel less imbalances & move with more freedom.
We will be focusing on
– full body integration of the lower & upper body for strength & power
– spinal strength & mobility
– shoulder stability & mobility
– wrist strength
– neck mobility
You will also receive 3 x audio’s of some simple movement practices to do a couple of times between classes and especially before a game.
Course dates & time: Tuesdays – 7, 14, 21, 28 March – 6.00pm
Course location – Connect Centre Pilates, 121 Trafalgar Street, Nelson
Course cost: $130
Class duration: 1 hour
Please note: The class is limited to only 6 people, so all participants get the appropriate attention and guidance.
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