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Hayden Brown – The Road Less Travelled

Meet Hayden, he’s a professional who has had a journey. He’s worked one-on-one with clients over the past 13 years to develop a service that is important to anyone who wants to elevate their game, improve their ‘mind health’, or understand how to overcome long-term patterns and change behaviour that isn’t working for them. Hayden’s journey is an incredible story of self-discovery, hard times, perseverance, and staying true to his inner compass.

I first witnessed Hayden speak in front of 120 staff who work for an infrastructure business on the topic of “Finding your Why.” Not an easy gig with a hall filled with people, many of whom would probably feel more at home in a bulldozer deep in the hills behind Nelson/Tasman.

He quickly got them onside with an opening joke and tied it into their motivation for being health and safety conscious on the site. I found myself quickly taking notes as I realised this guy has some brilliant insight and wisdom well beyond his years.

Hayden’s clear and genuine desire to help people resolve the root cause of their emotional challenges and learn how to be the best version of themselves had me and the rest of the hall tuned in.

An existential challenge drove 32-year old Hayden to where he is now. In his early years he never felt like he fitted in, was uncertain about who he was and the value he could offer the world, and believed that he had to change who he was and his own priorities to “fit in”. I’m sure many can relate to this kind of feeling.

“Unfulfilled, disengaged, and questioning my own self-worth and ability I set out on
my journey to fully understand the deeper workings of the mind, and uncover the “why”
behind my own health challenges, behaviour, and long-term patterns,” says Hayden. I didn’t have a lot of certainty or self-worth. I often felt disengaged from my life. I didn’t know where I fit in and that become a huge driver to get me to where I am today, and ultimately to develop the service I offer others.”

“Hayden’s belief is that there is always a “root-cause” or “why” behind our challenges and mental suffering.”

Hayden looked up to his father, who had always been committed to his fitness. At the time Hayden felt that if he too was able to change his physical appearance, his self-worth would grow.

“This was the early stages of my journey of self-discovery. I worked hard on physical health, but over time I noticed the void was still there – something else was missing. There was still a much bigger picture I needed to understand in terms of my own value, self-worth, and the psychology of my own behaviour.”

Hayden went on to establish a business in Richmond which incorporated a gym and an holistic health centre with a focus on tailored health solutions. The business grew steadily over the past eight years. Hayden recently sold his share to focus his energy exclusively on Depth Psychology with clients in his Nelson counselling business.

“I help people uncover the “why” behind their behaviours and emotional challenges. We work together to uncover and resolve the root causes of the long-term patterns that no longer serve them.”

“My shift in business priorities mirrors my own journey really. I realised that the mind is the most significant element in making long-term change, be it to our health goals, or any area of our life. When I had that realization, the mystery started to make sense, so that’s the area I am focused on and investing my attention with clients moving forward.”

“I believe the body is a servant to the mind. As humans we develop subconscious ‘seek and avoid mechanisms’ based on challenging life events. Realising this, and uncovering the ‘why’ behind my own mental challenges and outcomes in my own life has greatly informed the way I now work with my clients.”

Hayden calls himself a ‘Human Behaviour Specialist’ offering counselling psychology, executive, and life coaching. Hayden meets with clients face-to-face and offers his couselling services online to clients all over the world. He’s a great public speaker who can add value to any conference or event where there is a team or staff involved.

I highly recommend visiting his website and watching some videos. Reach out if you need some guidance on removing blocks and getting a clearer understanding to help you navigate difficult life situations. Hayden works from 2 Cambridge Street, Richmond, Nelson.

Take a look at his website This could be a game changer for you if you dare to take the road less travelled.



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