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NEW COURSE: Tai Chi For Beginners (9-Form Tai Chi): Te Whare Ora-The Healing Hut

Thanks for the great interest. To save people on waiting list too long, we will host another 8-week evening Beginner’s Tai Chi class starting in April.
By the end of this 8-week course, you will be able to practice Wu Dang 9-Form Tai Chi yourself.

**Tai Chi Benefits**
**About Wu Dang 9-Form Tai Chi**
There are only 9 forms but it contains the 13 essential Tai Chi postures. The 9-form Tai Chi is graceful and therapeutic. Wu Dang is the origin of Taoism, Qi Gong and Tai Chi.
**Learning Outcome**
By the end of 8-week, you will
-familiarize Tai Chi principles and essentials;
-identify Tai Chi postures and its purpose;
-familiarize Tai Chi moves and associated Qi Gong exercise
-demonstrate 9-Form Tai Chi by yourself
-adapt the Tai Chi flow to your needs
** Course Requirement**
No experience is required
This 8-week course requires a minimum of 4-hour home practice in aggregate, 30 minutes per week.
Payment can be made via online transfer or by cash.
** Enrollment**
To RSVP, please contact Jingjing via Facebook or 0274348586


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