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Bodywise – Your natural health clinic in the heart of Nelson

We often take our good health for granted. Life gets busy and it’s easy to forget that our bodies need to be looked after to work properly. Sometimes life can throw in a curve ball, stress, unwell family members, allergies, Covid and the list goes on.

Where do you go when you’ve become unwell and can’t seem to find out what’s happening? You need somewhere where you are heard and understood from an integrated healthcare approach.

This is where Bodywise comes into play. It’s an uplifting natural health and herbal dispensary in the Montgomery Car Park (next-door to Yazza Cafe)

For over 20 years Bodywise has served the local community by understanding each person and how we may fill a gap traditional medical science does not address.

Owned and managed by Sally Grant, a qualified nurse who has worked in NZ, Australia and London and along the way discovered how powerful nutrition and herbs could be for acute and chronic health problems. This overseas and personal life experience influenced her philosophy to help anyone with a health condition with honesty and open mindedness. She has huge respect for traditional medicine yet found answers to her own and her children’s chronic health issues using a naturopathic approach to regaining health. It taught her that there are powerful therapies in natural medicine that can make all the difference.

“I have full faith in the quality of products and expertise we offer at Bodywise. We have a great team of qualified practitioners here who can listen to our clients and create a plan.” says Sally.

“Our clients have a very wide range of challenges, from concussion, inflammatory conditions to Covid recovery, and digestion and circulation issues just to name a few. It requires an integrated approach. Diet, sleep, gut health, managing stress levels… get the idea?  Every case is unique and can be approached from different angles and measured to track progress.”

“A big part of our service is educating clients. We help them understand their symptoms and how we can use herbs, supplements and nutritional advice. If each person engages with the process and our recommendations, they can regain wellness or manage ongoing health problems.”

“We have 3 part time staff who are qualified Naturopaths with their own independent practices. Learning about clients patterns, identifying potential drivers, eating habits, sleeping routines, exercise and medication is all taken into account.”

“Often our clients have been struggling with health challenges for some time, meanwhile the blood tests are showing up normal. We like to see the tests to assist us with how we can help each person. There is a lot that can be done by understanding the interactions of body systems alongside a diagnosis, diagnostic tests and lifestyle habits.

For example:
The nervous and digestive systems are very interrelated, and symptoms need to be understood in relation to diet, lifestyle, stress and importantly past medical history. Is your gut bacteria healthy and working like it should ever since you had an infection or a chemical exposure that has left you with problems?

Why is Monday so depressing and why is that antidepressant not really working?

Has the so called reflux got anything to do with lifestyle and is there a supplement that encourages the proper break down of food so that every part of your body is getting the nutrition it needs?

Has your age or lifestyle caught you and your body needs nourishing supplements or skin products to heal itself? These are all questions we need to consider.”

“It’s often encouraging for our clients to discover what’s happening from a naturopathic and systemic viewpoint. Many illnesses or symptoms are invisible to the outsider and are not taken seriously. Internal physical discomfort is real and certainly can stress our mind and body. We understand because we’ve seen it before and are often amazed at what we can achieve with a chat over the counter, a few herbs and supplements and the client’s lifestyle commitment to restoring their own healing process.”

To find out more info visit their website and if you have a question go to their contact page.

There are a range of products available online and instore including beautiful skincare and healthy make-up along with herbal tonics that are custom made for your body and unique situation.

Follow their social media links.

Opening hours:
Mon – Fri 10am to 5:00pm
Saturday 9.30 am to 1:00pm
Call (03) 546 8611

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