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Where does our food come from? Nelson Farmers Market

We have had a great couple of months down at the Market with a wide variety of fresh produce available. All of our seasonal stallholders have returned, and some are winding down for autumn. Our focus over the coming weeks is on ‘preserve the Autumn harvest’. With a little bit of time and effort now you can freeze or preserve many different fruit and vegetables to have a ready supply over the winter months.

National Farmers Markt week is coming up from 11-19 March and the focus this year is on ‘where does our food come from’. Whilst the Nelson Farmers Market is small in terms of stalls, we are incredibly lucky to have such a great selection of fresh fruit and vegetables from our local growers. Buying locally makes a real different to your weekly budget and also the local economy so once again thanks for your support of the Nelson Farmers Market.

Please read on for the full news about all that is happening at the Nelson Farmers Market and remember we are open every Wednesday at 23 Halifax Street from 8am to 1pm.

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