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Would you know how to identity a Karaka berry tree?: Halifax Veterinary Centre

Would you know how to identity a Karaka berry tree? Have you seen one out on walks with your dog? Now is the time to remain vigilant!
From January to April the native Karaka trees’ green berries turn orange and will start to fall off the tree. While the sweet smelling berries are a favorite of Kereru, they are highly toxic to dogs if ingested.
Symptoms of Karaka berry poisoning can take as long as 24-48hrs after ingestion to become apparent. The symptoms can include: weakness, vomiting, confusion, hind leg weakness or even paralysis, seizures, and unfortunately it can be fatal.
Sadly there is no cure or antidote for the Karaka berry toxin. Hospitalisation to provide supportive care and treatment for the symptoms offers the highest chance of survival of this nasty toxin, which can take days or weeks to recover from.
If you see your dog eat any part of the Karaka berry it is important you get them to the vet as soon as possible .


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