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Councillor caravan at Nelson Market – what you need to know: Nelson City Council

As of Saturday 4 March 2023, Nelsonians wanting to speak to an elected member face-to-face will be able to find Nelson City Council representatives in a big blue caravan at the Nelson Market.

The caravan will be in Montgomery Square on the first Saturday of every month, and more regularly during consultation processes. Council has hosted pop-up tents at the Nelson Market in the past to promote consultation for the Annual Plan and Long Term Plan, as the Market is a popular weekend destination with excellent foot traffic and a great way to be visible and accessible to the public.

Thanks to the generosity of a local businessman, Council has been given access to a retro-style caravan – dubbed “Norma Jean.”

Nelson Mayor Nick Smith and councillors will be there each month to answer questions, help people find the information they need and listen to feedback. No appointments are necessary – you are welcome to drop-in for help with anything from “Can I get married in a public park?” to “How do I get a BeeCard?”

“This initiative is about better connecting Council with the Nelson community. This is an easy way to give feedback directly to an elected member,” says Mayor Nick.

The Council caravan will be at the Nelson Market, next to Robert Harris café by Bank Lane, which leads to Trafalgar Street, on the first Saturday of the month from 8:30am until 12:30pm.

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