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Nelson City Framers – a place to get your art presented with perfection.

The art scene in Nelson is thriving. It’s great to see as we cement our name as the Arts capital of New Zealand. Artists work hard at mastering their crafts, refining their unique style and presenting them well is as much of an art as the art making itself.

Kiwis have fallen in love with adorning their walls with local artworks. It brings any space to life, creates an interesting talking point, and turns your home or office into something much more than a room. It can set the tone and as soon as someone enters, they are affected by the artworks.

Nelson City Framers is an established business in Halifax Street. They have their own gallery with white walls and big timber floors which can be an inspirational space to be in. We chatted to Greg, the owner, who absolutely loves his work and has his heart in the right place.

Greg was raised in Nelson, worked for framers in Christchurch and has a wealth of experience. He has worked in many sectors including tourism and retail. At times he’s had 70 staff to lead. But enough about that…

Nelson City Framers offer a one stop shop with regards to printing and framing. They have a large format Canon printer which uses 12 different ink tones to achieve rich and deep detailed images. When combining these inks with a German etching paper, cotton-based paper or even a canvas, the magic starts to happen. Today’s technology can be amazing when used to its full potential.

Greg became the new owner in 2022 after buying the business from Luke and Amy Dell, the previous owners of 16 or so years. Luke is a bit of a local framing legend around this town…

The business started in his garage and has been built up over the years, and now it has a great reputation for excellence in all things framing. Luke still works a few days a week here and there when needed. Adam, Luke and Amy’s employee at the time, agreed to remain with the business when Greg took over.

Between Greg, Adam and Luke they have over 40 years combined experience, which counts for a lot. It’s a technical job and knowledge is key.

They are privileged to look after several local artists by taking care of their printing and framing needs. It is always a pleasure to see works we have framed displayed in a gallery. An example, Greg proudly added, is the Gary Baseman exhibition currently showing at the Suter Gallery.

With access to an in-house spray booth, they can finish frames and apply special or protective coatings to artworks if required or requested.

Their motto is to be inclusive, and community based. To help achieve this, they work with local artists (and even high school students) by giving them the opportunity to hang their works on a gallery wall. Not only does this give them gallery experience but allows their works to be seen by others.

If you have a wall that looks a bit bland or a printed, or digital, photo that you believe has great potential, Nelson City Framers is the best place to go and discuss your options.

Find them at 42a Halifax Street, Nelson, New Zealand

Monday – Friday 8:30 to 5:00
Saturday 10:00 to 1:00pm

Closed Sunday & Public Holiday weekends

Explore the virtual tour at Nelson City Framers & The Gallery

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