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Promote proper use of child restraints: Baby On The Move – Nelson

On Sunday we worked with the Police again to promote proper use of child restraints.
We provided a lot of car seat education and performed lots of adjustments to ensure the car seats were installed and used correctly as per the manufactures instructions and that families understood NZ law, and why it’s good to follow best practice.
A few key things we saw were:
⭐️ Expired car seats – if you are not sure how old your car seat is and if it is expired then please get in touch, we are here to help.
⭐️ Kids have outgrown current car seat settings. As kids grow you need to adapt your car seat to ensure it’s still fitting properly.
⭐️ The car seat mode had been changed (I.e rear facing to forward facing) and the car seat needed be set up slightly differently.
We highly recommend checking your car seat regularly, and if you have any concerns get in touch with an experienced child restraint technician. We have qualified technicians in-store every day Monday to Saturday. Get in touch to book a spot ?
We enjoyed meeting so many families! We look forward to seeing you all out in the community again one day soon.

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