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Bye Bye Glad Wrap! Global Stitch up 4th product

Dear Cultural Conversations whanau. How are you?

We have doubled in numbers over the past few weeks. We welcome Rehana, Misbah and Saima to the Global Stitch up group for this month.

Introducing our 4th product to share with you from the Global Stitch up whanau.

Reusable Food Covers.
A set of three different sized stunningly patterned, reusable bowl and plate covers.

Here are the reusable food bowl benefits:
• Choosing reusable fabric bowl covers saves money and keeps waste out of landfills.
• An alternative to foil and glad wrap
• an adjustable elastic cord for a secure fit
• Great for taking a dish to a potluck dinner or out to a picnic.
• Fabulous for camping and keeping the wekas out
• Great for gifts for anyone
• Machine washable
• Great for leftovers and keeping the fruit flies out
• Perfect for rising dough
• Great for the beach picnic and keeps the sand out

I could go on!!!

Can you help us by buying a set for $25? They also make fabulous gifts.

How can you help?
• by buying a bulk order and then selling to your friends and whanau
• by buying one order and then encouraging friends and whanau to buy their own
• by forwarding this newsletter to your friends and whanau

How do I pay?
• by internet transfer, (if you choose this option we can also offer shipping to anywhere within NZ for an extra cost).
• by cash on pick up
• How do I order?


Pick up days are:
• Monday 2 – 4 p.m. | Tuesday 2 – 4 p.m. | Wednesday 2 – 4 p.m.
• Thursday 2 – 4 p.m. | Saturday 2 – 4 p.m.

Or when we have an event.

We have created a sewing hub where we want women from diverse backgrounds to
• Feel safe and empowered.
• Upskill but also learn from each other’s cultural traditions.
• Engage in conversation and make new friends.
• Gain independence and responsibility.
• Feel motivated.
• Have fun.

We believe that everyone deserves to be welcomed and included, and that nobody should be isolated or lonely. We recognise that people coming together around the arts can be transformational for our communities.

Our products change each month. This means they are special and unique. With your purchase you are buying more than a product. You are giving back to society and supporting something that is led by people and not profit. No product will be exactly the same. We recognise that each person has different circumstances and we want to allocate resources and opportunities that will reach an equal outcome.

By supporting our project our dreams and wishes are that the host community can play a vital role in powering economic growth and reducing inequalities.

You can’t buy love (so they say), but you can buy local and that’s the same kind of thing!

Aroha nui. The Global Stitch up crew.


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