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Meet Sally at Connect Centre Pilates

This is Sally,
Sally is the poster girl of what commitment to this work can do for you.
When Sally first walked into the studio she was in a lot of pain. She is an enthusiastic golfer but had an elbow injury that had kept her off the green for weeks.
Her lower back hurt, her shoulders and neck were sore, and she felt very stiff and limited….had spent many many feeling like this.
When she arrived at Connect Centre Pilates, she had 6 weeks before a much anticipated trip to golfers school in Australia but she wouldn’t be going unless there were some big changes in her body.
And she committed.
She did the exercises I gave her every day.
After only 2 weeks, she described her experience as life-changing.
6 weeks passed, and she was practically skipping out of the studio to go to golfers school.
Her transformation has been huge!
She’s not in any pain anymore,
She’s feeling less stiff than ever before,
her range of mobility and flexibility has increased greatly and….
she’s playing the best golf of her life!
Congratulations Sally ?

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