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Embodied Life Alignment: Koru Studio

TUESDAY, APRIL 18, 2023 AT 6:30 PM – 9 PM
Koru Studio 243 Trafalgar St Nelson

Event by Shalom Amala Dahlberg
Koru Studio 243 Trafalgar St Nelson
What is it to fully embody yourself, your essence, your truth, to deeply self connect, and from this create from overflowing aliveness, with the opportunities you have.
Excited to be bringing this Embodied Life Alignment evening workshop to Nelson.
The evening will allow you to:
*Explore an area of your life that you’d like more self-awareness of, more understanding of your limiting beliefs, and how to easily find them.
*You will understand where these blocks that hold you back, or keep you looping in unwanted behaviors, thoughts or feelings are held somatically.
*You will learn a process pathway for integration utilsing deeper embodiment, felt experience, somatic kinesiology, and ultimately integration.
*This is not a getting rid of, or bypassing, ignoring, or creating over the top of, but a somatic integration.
*With the new space created in your body is then a tuning into the codes held within you, of what you actually want to create instead. This is where your body wisdom guides you, your soul embodiment, and essentially supports you with more true alignment and freedom to create moving forward.

I have worked with this process with hundreds of clients, and am overjoyed to be able to bring it to groups of people, to utilise for themselves, to deepen their own embodiment, somatic alignment and intentionality in life.
This can be utilised for yourself in any area of your life, from supporting your health and wellbeing, body, self care and connection, addictions and other patterns and behaviors, your career or business, finances, your relationships and love.
..Anything that you would like to explore more deeply from your inner realm, shift what is there that is limiting you, and create a somatic realignment moving forward.
This process pathway can be something you use for yourself going forward in life, your friends, or family, or your clients.
This is empowering work. Deepening your embodiment, and authentic life alignment, where your creativity and expression comes from your own life force attuned.

Email Shalom Amala to register @
*Tues 18 April
*6.30pm – 9pm
*Koru Studio 243 Trafalgar St
*Exchange $99
•Pen & Journal to write in
•Cushion to sit on (we will have chairs avail, and cushions, but bring your own if you’d like).
•Blanket if you like ~ you will be invited to allow your body to get comfortable as you explore and write.
•Water bottle.
•An idea of 1 or several areas you’d like to focus on exploring for the evening.
Shalom Amala Dahlberg N.D. YYTT Embodied Counsellor and Workshop Facilitator. Adv Psych-K Practitioner.
Please note all workshop students receive 20% off first 1-1 sessions should they want to.
Shalom Amala is an Embodied Counsellor (currently studying with the Somatic Sexological Institute of Australia). She holds deep embodiment spaces, workshops and events, and 1-1 transformative sessions. She is a Psych-K trained facilitator, Yin Yoga trained teacher, and has a background from her earlier career as a Holistic Naturopath. She is a dancer, a lover, a business woman and coach. Her passion is to support others to deeply embody their authenticity, unique soul codes, live from a place of magic, awe and love, and allow their life embodied alignment, energy in flow and creativity to live and bring their passion and purpose in the world, whatever this is for each of us.

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