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Winter Makeup – Time to Change: Woman Beauty Day Spa

With the cooler months approaching, it’s time to consider switching things up for the new season. Just like you might switch your wardrobe around and bring your favourite winter pieces to the front, it’s an excellent time to look at your makeup bag and consider what winter makeup you need to invest in.

Winter Makeup – Why it’s good to make a change:

There are a few reasons that you might want to change your makeup colours and products in winter:

Seasonal trends:

Makeup trends change with the seasons, and winter colours tend to be darker and richer than summer colours. So, switch up your makeup to stay on trend.

Skin tone changes:

During the winter, you’ll see less sun, so your skin tone may become lighter. As a result, the makeup colours that look great in the summer may not complement your skin tone as well in the winter. So, consider switching to different shades that better suit your winter complexion.

Different lighting:

With less natural light in winter, makeup colours perfect for bright, sunshiny days may not look as good. So, it’s a great time to experiment with new shades that look wonderful in winter lighting.

Top Tips for Winter Makeup:

Focus on hydration:

Cooler months mean dryer skin. So, prepare your skin with an excellent moisturising primer. You might even want to mix a little moisturiser with your foundation. The same rule applies to lips; moisturising is everything! We love Jane Iredale’s Triple Luxe™ Long-Lasting Naturally Moist Lipstick.

Swap powders for liquids:

If you can find the perfect blush in a cream rather than a powder finish, this, too, will help with hydration. Choose lighter, liquid foundations or tinted moisturisers.

Cheeks are everything in winter!

Achieve a healthy, natural-looking glow by applying a colourful blush. In the packaging, the product might look intense. But blend it well, and you’ll end up with a subtle hint of colour that gives the complexion a nourished, radiant appearance.

Want more makeup tips?

Then we have just the thing! Make an appointment with our visiting jane iredale Makeup Expert, Melanie McConnell, on Tuesday, 9th May.

You’ll enjoy a personalised one-to-one Mother’s Day makeup consultation to learn tips and tricks on makeup application.
This event has a $40 booking fee, but that’s redeemable against your on-the-day makeup purchases. Plus, buy two or more jane iredale products at your appointment and go into the draw to win a jane iredale gift pack.

Contact us to book your space and prepare your winter makeup bag.

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