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23 People, 230 Seconds, 2/3 Questions, 23 Photographs.

Our Cultural Conversations whānau have been working hard on our upcoming exhibition as part of the Tuku 23 festival called 23 People, 230 Seconds, 2/3 Questions, 23 Photographs.

In this exhibition we are exploring themes of connection and belonging with particular reference to living in Whakatū Nelson. We have asked 23 participants with different backgrounds 2-3 questions on this topic, and their responses have been recorded and pieced together as a short film that runs 230 seconds in length.

By taking the time to watch and listen, we can build empathy and understanding for experiences we may never receive ourselves. We hope to honour our participants by working towards creating a more welcoming society.

This exhibition won’t take long – you’ll be in and out within 23 minutes! This could be an opportunity to invite 2-3 friends to join you and head out for a social catch up after. We are hoping to have 529 people through the door in 6 days (23 x 23 people).
Our exhibition runs from 24 – 30 April every day, from 2-6pm, including ANZAC Day. Can you help?

We hope to see you there!
Tanya and the Cultural Conversations family.


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