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Exhibiting Isaac Ibbotson’s jewellery once again for Nelson Jewellery Week: Shine Design Store

We are proud to be exhibiting Isaac Ibbotson’s jewellery once again for Nelson Jewellery Week. Isaac was our first jeweller in the store 22 years ago, and it is fantastic to see he is still creating stunning pieces of art jewellery with his new exhibition Driftwood and Gold.
‘An unlikely pair of materials. One is left discarded on beaches while the other is searched for.
One worthless and one highly valuable. One light and one heavy.
The one thing they do have in common is the location they are found, in the rivers and on the beaches of New Zealand’s rugged landscapes. Constantly moved around by the elements.
Tumbling down and churned around. The dense native woods, remnants of ancient forests.
Lustrous alluvial gold once buried deep in the earth. Both are products of growth, time, decay, displacement and nature’s will.
Then, discovered and collected, they take on a new journey. First into a design process where they are refined into wearable forms. Next, given meaning by the wearer, gathering energy and becoming a tactile story or object of contemplation.
I have been combining these two elements together to form beautiful objects with distinctive tactile and visual qualities, exploring different ways to balance them with the intention of evoking a feeling of the elements and the environment which created them.’
~ Isaac Ibbotson

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