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Tai Chi-Flow in Changes with Grace: Te Whare Ora-The Healing Hut

Tai chi movements are based on the principles of yin and yang. Yin and yang represent opposing forces that are complementary and interconnected. Tai chi uses these principles to create a balance between the body and mind, as well as to promote health and wellness.

What are Yin and Yang?

Yin represents the feminine, dark, passive, cold, and introspective qualities, while Yang represents the masculine, bright, active, warm, and extroverted qualities. The two are often depicted as a circle divided into two halves, with Yin being the black side and Yang being the white side, with a dot of the opposite color in each half representing the seed of the other.

The concept of Yin and Yang has been used in various areas of Chinese culture, including traditional Chinese medicine, martial arts, and Feng Shui. It is also often used as a symbol of balance and harmony in life and is commonly found in Chinese art, literature, and philosophy.

Yin Yang Creates Changes

Yin and Yang are the forces that create changes. The two opposing forces of Yin and Yang are in a constant state of flux, and one can transform into the other. This dynamic interplay between Yin and Yang is the foundation for the concept of change in Chinese philosophy.

The Chinese symbol for change is “Bian”, which combines the characters for “Yin” and “Yang.” This symbolizes the idea that change is the result of the interaction between the opposing forces of Yin and Yang. Change is seen as a natural and necessary process that occurs as a result of the constant interplay between these two forces.

How Yin &Yang Influence Your Health?

In Chinese philosophy, change is also associated with the idea of “Qi,” which is the life force or energy that flows through all things. The balance of Yin and Yang in a person’s Qi is believed to be essential for good health and well-being. Therefore, the goal of traditional Chinese medicine and practices like Tai Chi and Qigong is to balance the Yin and Yang energies in the body to promote health and vitality.

Tai Chi-The Art of Changes

Tai chi’s core value is seeking active balance and grace in changes. Tai Chi movements are performed in a continuous and flowing manner. The change is meant to symbolize the constant movement and transformation of yin and yang energies. By practicing tai chi, individuals can learn to adapt to these changes and find balance in their lives.

“Yin and yang are the left and right hands of the Infinite — creator, destroyer, and reproducer of everything that exists.” — George Ohsawa

Source: Te Whare Ora-The Healing Hut, Written By Jingjing Jackson


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