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Autumn is the season associated with the lung meridian: Te Whare Ora-The Healing Hut

???Autumn is the season associated with the lung meridian in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), ?and this Qi Gong exercises is beneficial for the lung meridian during this season.
?In 2 weeks time, we will go through the whole sequence in SELF-care Workshop: Qi Gong For Beginners

?When I meditate I often hear te reo, even though I don’t understand the meaning. The vibration sounds very protective and supportive.
?Learning te reo is a completion of ‘coming home’ on my soul journey. A door is open in my consciousness to the magnificent hidden world.
?I see the similarities between Chinese traditional massage and miri miri. Body work is more than muscle and bones. Sometimes the root problem needs to travel through time and space. The remedy is connection, compassion, trust, joy, forgiveness, gratitude and service.
?I see how someone’s wairua /chi send out alert when problems occur in their connections with the land, family, ancestor, community or their purpose in life.
?I started to learn more about traditional Maori healing , and I’m very privileged to be revealed the precious wisdom guidance during my healing work.
?I am very grateful to be able to learn and integrate Maori healing . Thank you for everyone who has been helping me to stay and live here.

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