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Used Clothing Sale: F45 Training Nelson

Our unclaimed lost property has gotten out of hand! SO we have decided to have a used clothing sale in studio on Saturday 29th April (during class time in the morning), where anyone can pop in and take a look. With all koha donations proceeds going to a local charity!
Get amongst it, come see us in studio!

With a long weekend for some, it can throw off our routines! So we thought we would put some tips together on how you can best manage yourself to continue with your health and fitness journey (note: balance is key!)
1️⃣Stay hydrated- especially if consuming alcohol, don’t let yourself get dehydrated! Aim to drink 2-3L water each day and increase this if you are incorporating movement into your day
2️⃣ Move your body- This can be as simple as going for a walk, running around with the kids, or even a wee stretch session at home, or of course an F45 session!! Moving your body each day is key for physical and mental health
3️⃣Make healthy swaps- Enjoy a balance but an easy swap to help you stick to your goals could be a kombucha instead of a beer, which you could have in a fancy glass to trick your mind. Enjoy a few drinks if you want to but water and is your friend and kombucha is good for the gut (unpasteurised)
4️⃣Sleep and Relax- it can be easy to slip into those late nights, not setting alarms etc. But better sleep (ideally before 12pm)= better quality time during the day. Time to relax, self care is important. Try meditate, reading, dancing and time off your phone!
5️⃣Portion Control- Be mindful of how much you are consuming, rule of thumb: Palm of lean protein, fist of carbs and 2 fists of veggies and 2 thumbs of fat. Make sure you still enjoy your meals though and CHEW your food?
6️⃣Treat Yourself- Indulge if you feel like it! Enjoy a treat if that is what feels good, during the day the key is to stay hydrated, increase protein intake and greens. Remove the guilt, make mindful choices but make peace with your decision!
7️⃣ Gratitude- Take to thank about the things in life you are grateful for Focus on the positives and you will notice so much more coming into your life!
See you this weekend to finish off Wahlberg Week strong!!

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