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Amplify (UK) Nelson: The Buxton

The Buxton proudly presents UK Drum “n” Bass connoisseur Amplify
Friday June 2nd, Tickets On Sale Now!

With support from NFX & Luna!
As a well-informed drum ‘n’ bass connoisseur, no doubt you’ve asked yourself the question: who’s this Amplify guy and how’s he suddenly everywhere?
You’ll have seen his name on prestige line-ups like DnB Allstars at E1 or Southbound Festival. He’s racked up a string of headline bookings all over the country as well as a Best Newcomer award nomination. And, he’s on a seemingly endless run of releases and remixes that have been hitting hard in sets from top dogs like Pendulum, A.M.C., Sub Focus and more.
Envy-inducingly enough, he’s barely got started.
He’s been working on his deejaying for the last few years, honing his craft in and around his local area. Even from his base deep in distant Devon, word of his skills began to spread. For those in the know, it became clear that Amplify was one to watch.
And he was ready to prove it. Learning production was clearly the next step on the journey, and when the pandemic struck, Amplify grasped his opportunity with a mind-boggling work ethic and determination. Locked in the studio for eighteen hours at a time, he experimented, studied, improved and came out the other side as a fully-fledged producer.
Not just any producer, either, but one with an exceptional hit rate.
Since October 2020, Amplify’s had at least one release every month – usually multiple releases – across labels as diverse as Young Guns, Pick ‘n’ Mix, Audio Addict and even RAM Records. He went from never having released a tune at the beginning of 2020 to being one of the most prolific artists in the scene by the end of 2021.
You can’t test Amplify’s work rate and his speed of progression through the ranks has reflected that. Now taking bookings through Urban Agency, it’s clear that this young artist – armed with high-energy junglistically-influenced jump-up sets, his own imprint Gradient Recordings and industrial quantities of talent – is set to make a lasting mark on the drum ‘n’ bass scene.
Amplify has turned up.


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