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The Armarie Room – Specialty Print and Design in Nelson

There’s something beautiful about the tactile art of print making. The metal stamps, the smell of the ink drying and of course the variable textures and colours. Printmaking, as a technique began during the Han Dynasty in China 206 AD and has been under constant development ever since. We saw it go mainstream with the printing of Newspapers, and despite the recent online technology development, printmaking is something you can both see, smell and touch.

There’s a lot more to printmaking that meets the eye. Etching, Wood cut, Lino cut, Letter Press and more. It takes someone with a genuine passion, attention to detail and ‘saint like’ patience to make sure the preparation work is completed to a high standard.

Meet Renee, she’s a degree graduate of the Fine Arts School at Auckland University. She has a huge wealth of knowledge and can make custom designed stationery, business cards that really stand out, teach a class of curious locals how to make their own prints and more.

“I love the experimental process. You can manipulate the print process to get the desired result by adjusting pressures, inks and medium. It’s always a thrill to see how it comes out – that aspect never gets old!” says Renee.

Located in Founders Heritage Park, The Armarie Room is decorated with vintage printing equipment from around the region. It is one of the only places in New Zealand where you can see this type of equipment operating in a contemporary art and design business.

One of the machines Renee loves to use is the Heidelberg commercial press. Covered with buttons and levers it’s an engineering marvel. It was one of the most famous inventions in the 19th Century. A retired printing expert in Nelson taught Renee how to use it.

Renee won the 2022 Pride in Print Award, which is a huge acknowledgement to her skills and abilities. This competition draws the top printers from around the country and The Armarie Room won the Gold Award. Check out the winning work here.

“I love working from Founders. Is a warm community filled with like minded people with diverse backgrounds. We help each other out and stick together thru thick and thin. It’s calm and relaxed and we are very lucky to have a village like this in Nelson.”

NMIT Creative industries Dept are lucky to have Renee teach Level 5 Arts & Media Program on Fridays. She’s well prepared and respected by her students, who are engaged in learning about the process.

If you are getting your business branded, wedding or event stationery, art and design prints and want it to seriously make a good impression, chat to Renee today.

Visit her website and join the mailing list to keep up to date when the next course is running.

Founders Heritage Park 87 Atawhai Drive, Nelson, New Zealand

Hours 10am – 4:30pm Monday – Thursday

Explore the virtual tour at The Armarie Room

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