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Introducing LittleOak to Health 2000

Introducing LittleOak to Health 2000 ? Mums, we know how much you care about what goes into your little ones’ tummy! ⁠?
⁠The LittleOak Company’s all-natural goat formula and toddler milk range is proudly made in New Zealand, using a world-first, less-is-more processing approach. ⁠
⁠While most formula brands follow a common process of heating and treating the milk several times to make formula, LittleOak doesn’t. Instead, LittleOak starts with fresh whole goat milk and heats its milk only once, halving the heating process to preserve all the natural goodness and essential vitamins of goat milk ??⁠

Let’s be blunt, bloat and digestive discomfort really blows ? An unhappy tummy can crop up in different ways ??
◾️ bloated or irritated tummy
◾️ Irregular bowel movements
◾️ Indigestion
But it’s time to tackle these issues with confidence and gain back energy ? @lifestreamnz have a range of products to support getting back on track. Check out the latest deal and this helpful read on digestive discomfort in the May Health 2000 magazine.

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