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Road Safety Week: Baby On The Move – Nelson

? Road Safety Week ?
Let’s have a chat about 3 across – your family expanding? Have your kids friends coming over to play after school? Well we’re here to help. Did you know that there are a handful of vehicles that will not allow you to do 3 across? Some of your vehicle manuals may state that you cannot utilize the centre vehicle seat for a carseat when one or both of the two outboard seats are in use or some may even state that you cannot utilize the centre seat for a child restraint full stop.
One thing we see too often are car seats being used in 3 across or side by side scenarios not being installed as per the child restraints manual and vehicles that shouldn’t be used for 3 car seats having 3 across.
It’s important to check these things before purchasing a bigger vehicle for your growing family to ensure that you’re not incorrectly using your child restraints or left with a vehicle that is not suitable.
Here in-store we offer a 3 across trial fit service for a cost of $75, during this trial we will use your current seats, trial some new seats or if you’re looking into hiring we will trial out hire capsules to find out what seats best suit your vehicle and your families needs. We also ensure that they can each be installed independently, safely and compliant to the manual. We will also trial a few different options to set you and your family up for the years to follow as we want to ensure that each of your children are in seats that will allow them to grow right through.
While each of the different safety standards have different rules, it always pays to try before you buy.
If you had any further questions, wanted to book in or want to know if your vehicle is suitable for a 3 across get in contact with us. We are available for phone or email consultations. We do all trials on a booking basis – Monday to Friday 9am to 4pm.
In the meantime, here are some examples of some 3 across scenarios that we have achieved.

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