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Beyond Borders at Refinery ArtSpace

We hope you have had a happy weekend and managed to get some time to do what you enjoy.

Our exhibition starts on 13 June! It’s at The Refinery Art Space. This exhibition will run for 2 weeks. There is a lot to take in, so you may enjoy more than one visit.

Stories of Otherness – by Claudia Bustos Lee

Tindall Foundation Stories of Otherness
Otherness is the quality or fact of being different. It’s not a status that people achieve.
For example it can be as subtle as;

  • Excluding people from social events
  • Making assumptions and not giving people the benefit of the doubt
  • Ignoring people’s ideas at work
  • Feeling distrustful or upset with people of a social group even though you don’t know anyone from that group
  • Believing that people who are different from you or your social group pose a threat to you or your way of life.

We believe we need to discuss privilege and what identity means within a group to understand “otherness.” These podcasts are conversations with amazing people who possibly feel a sense of otherness in our community of Whakatu Nelson Aotearoa.

Bittersweet Podcasts by Santalma Art

Bittersweet is the feeling you get when you are happy about something, but it is also tinged with sadness – for example;

  • You may feel safe in a new place but feel sadness for the life and people you have left behind.
  • You may discover new people in your life after losing someone close to you.
  • You may discover something you had thought was lost forever or a new exciting career path may appear after a traumatic event

NBS Bittersweet Podcasts are about inspirational people who have reconstructed their lives and responded in transformational ways following huge traumatic events.

Tuku 23 on Belonging – The Rocket Station Art

23 people on Belonging film exhibition

In this exhibition we are exploring themes of connection and belonging with particular reference to living in Whakatū Nelson. We have asked 23 participants with different backgrounds 2-3 questions on this topic, and their responses have been recorded and pieced together as a short film that runs 230 seconds in length. The film is accompanied by 23 beautiful photographs by Wiphala Studio and there is an opportunity to answer your own thoughts on belonging.

By taking the time to watch and listen, we can build empathy and understanding for experiences we may never receive ourselves. We hope to honour our participants by working towards creating a more welcoming society.

Please consider supporting us for as little as $5 a month:

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Aroha nui – The Cultural Conversations Exhibition Crew.

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