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There’s a saying in business. If you want to succeed… find a way to make money for someone else and create a way to solve problems.

HospoNZ business owner Adam holding red wineThis is the case with Adam, after five years his company has grown from 4 to 30 staff members, who work around the country. Adam has been riding the wave of helping Hospitality business’s grow and manage that growth effectively.

UPSTOCK is problem solving for the Hospitality industry and it’s spreading to Australia. It’s pretty incredible how this idea has blossomed into something magical. It’s constantly evolving to the demands of the market.

“Here at hospo we provide super smart, intuitive and locally built software to enhance your business processes through accuracy, automation and customer growth.”

“We have integrations built in so it works in seamlessly with Xero, and manages stock inventory. This is refreshing to our customers who need to learn one system. Business owners are busy and as they grow, keeping track of everything becomes an administration challenge.” says Adam.

“Creating software to help business owners solve problems is a huge motivator for me. Having a place where business owners can process all their orders, invoices, stock, including staff roaster management, makes life so much easier! It’s like an Eco-system for businesses, where they can securely manage a lot of information as it’s all in one place.” says Adam.

“Learning multiple types of software and systems can add a layer of complexity, and increases the likelihood of costly mistakes from human error. By having it all in one place helps business owners in the Food and Beverage Industry and beyond to manage this challenge with confidence.”

“DROPPAH is a new integration we’ve been developing that’s helping business owners manage staff. From shift rosters to payslips, it’s another area in which our customers need help with especially when they experience growth.”

Some of the now 18,000 businesses that are using these clever systems include Chia Sisters, Petes Natural Lemonade, Sublime Coffee, Yum Granola, Aquafresh… just to name a few. It’s seamless ability to link in with supermarket inventory systems and Xero make it attractive to food and beverage producers and distributors.

POSBOSS is software that helps the Hospitality with front of house payments and works like a till – except its run from an iPad.

Artificial Intelligence is a hot topic at the moment, because it’s been challenging the way we work. The human race has been using machines for thousands of years to make difficult tasks easier. Letting software manage difficult administration tasks makes a lot of sense.

We used to read about software developers based in big cities like London and New York, but Adam is happily based in Nelson and has been part of this inspirational movement in the Hospo Industry and beyond.

“We get together with the team once every 6 months to plan and strategise. We are now gaining momentum in Australia which is exciting.”

The digital landscape has allowed software developers to work from the regions where they benefit from the relaxed lifestyle and quieter pace. Adam has two young kids and loves a morning workout at F45 gym and a fun mountain bike session in the hills.

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