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Why Tango?

Argentine tango has been described in many ways by as many teachers. For Anne-Maree Therkleson, local Argentine tango teacher, it is a moving art form that carries you on a journey to self-improvement. This may sound like an outlandish claim given that it is a partner dance originating in Argentina or Uruguay (depending on your viewpoint) at the turn of the 19th Century but it can challenge you in mysterious ways: physically, socially and mentally … and guess what – it is FUN!

Opening milonga Summer Tango Nelson 2023 from annemaree on Vimeo.

The central idea of tango is connection: connection with your self, your partner, the music and those on the dance floor with you. It guides your patience, balance, good posture, musicality, body awareness of self and the other and focuses your attention, takes you out of your comfort zone (sorry about that) and helps you to create new neutral pathways. All of this is great for our health and wellbeing and …. yes, it is FUN!

Some of you may have seen stage tango or other forms of tango which are much more structured and posed (think strutting and rose between the teeth). Argentine tango is what Anne-Maree teachers and is all about dancing socially with different partners, improvising and having fun making up your own dance (once you learn the structures and the “rules” of the dance). Yes dancers often look “serious” when they are learning as there is a challenge to be had here but once you get more comfortable and experienced you find your own inner-sensibility for the dance starts to flourish and you create your own different dance with each new partner. Every dance is a totally new experience!

Tango has it’s roots in both African and European cultures, it takes influence from Cuba’s Habenera, Argentina’s milonga and traditional Argentine African dances like Candombe. The quintessential tango instrument is the Bandoneon (originally heralding from Germany) which is at the centre of all tango music and it is danced fervently around the world in every continent by dances of all ages. Anne-Maree proudly admits the age range of 17 – 85 in her classes, tango knows no bounds “If you can walk you can tango!”. You have a world wide web of tango friends just waiting for you to connect with. Festivals in many countries (of which Anne-Maree runs 4 in NZ) where you can dance and make new friends. So, Why Not Tango? should really be the question!

Anne-Maree invites you to get your mysterious inquisitive mind in action and come along to class, commit for a term and give it a good go.


Beginners Tango course for newbies and those who need a refresher.

Monday nights commencing 24 July at Old St John’s Hall, 320 Hardy St (behind the church)

Professional teacher with over 20 years teaching experience

It is very helpful if you register with a partner as it does take 2 to tango and I want you to be dancing all night!

Contact for more info to read about Anne-Maree and her festivals.

Breakfast Milonga Winter Tango in Hanmer 2022 from annemaree on Vimeo.


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