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F45 Doing the Mahi for Mental Health

It’s known that there is a powerful link between physical exercise and mental health. Often in times of stress it’s easy to put aside exercise because we are feeling tired. However, that’s the time when we need the benefits of exercise the most!

F45 Training has taken up the challenge to address a big problem we have in New Zealand, and the national statistics regarding mental health are alarming and confronting. We don’t need to look far to meet someone who has been affected by mental health or the tragic repercussions of a suicide.

Mahi For Mental Health is a nationwide F45 fundraiser event that takes place in the Richmond Studio Friday 28th and Saturday 29th of July.

It’s a free event, open to the general public, with three classes across the two days and half hour booking slots for the Erg machines. There is a lot happening across the two days which will be loads of fun and give you a great workout, all while raising funds, awareness and hopefully opening up the conversation around mental health.

The Erg machines will be tracking kilometres as we aim to reach 538 kms over the duration of the event. To put it into perspective, that’s one kilometre per suicide in New Zealand each year.

Another statistic the event will draw attention to is the 3500 estimated number of attempted suicides in New Zealand each year. The weekends event will try to complete 3500 burpees.

There will be raffles, and you can even buy burpees so you don’t have to do them. (No excuses) All Funds raised will go to the I Am Hope Foundation who do amazing work in the Mental Health space for kiwis in need.

This week we spoke with Charlotte who co-owns Nelson, Richmond, and Wigram F45 Training studios with her partner Chris.

“We’re not a Gym but a Community. The social groups, laughter, upbeat vibe is infectious. We get such a huge lift when our members rise to the challenge and grow in confidence. Even if it’s the first time they have tried exercise, that’s a massive achievement that will change their lives and those around them for the better.” says Charlotte.

F45 gets its name from ‘Functional – 45 minute High Intensity Workouts’. It’s group personal training sessions that anyone can do and you decide how hard you want to go. It’s an efficient way to burn fat, build core strength, make your heart stronger and have a sweat out.

It’s become a popular way for busy kiwis to do exercise outside of the traditional gym model, which for some may find gyms intimidating and overwhelming at first. It can become a barrier and they give up.

45 minutes is ideal for your body, which will be burning calories long after the session has ended. Many professional athletes use F45 sessions to train and maintain fitness.

Chris and Charlotte are happily based in Motueka, where Chris works in the Agriculture Industry. Charlotte has worked on the frontline in Auckland as a police officer for 13 years. She joined up when she was 19 years old and has seen the negative impact of poor mental health in more ways than most could ever imagine. She’s a busy Lady managing the 3 studios but loves her job.

Maybe it’s time to make your health a priority…

For more info visit their website.

Find them at 101 Bridge Street Nelson, NZ

Click here to find out more…

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