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Techili – some like it HOT! Organic Chilli Sauce made in sunny Nelson

Who remembers their first encounter with a hot chilli? For some, it may have been overseas, or at a party where you mistook it for a red pepper and had a hot surprise!

Techili is a condiment which adds a huge amount of flavour to a cooked meal, be it at a BBQ or on the side of your bacon & eggs in the morning, it’s an exciting experience and one that’s getting a great reputation.

Patrick is a passionate local, who has worked as a chef around the world for over 25 years. He’s cooked food in places like Amsterdam, Ukraine, Russia, and Indonesia just to name a few. He also worked at Awaroa Lodge in his twenties and was a walking-track guide in the Heaphy area.

He was born in South Africa, where his parents disagreed strongly against the apartheid regime so they immigrated to New Zealand.

His passion for food is obvious when you chat to him. It’s a passion-fueled venture that he is working hard, often late into the evenings at Pics Food Factory in Stoke. As many great Kiwis have done in the past, self-funding, trial and error getting their friends to help out… this is Kiwi DIY at its finest. It’s something we Kiwis can be very proud of.

“TeChili is the everyday secret sauce you’ve been waiting to tell your chilli sauce connoisseur friends about.”

“The Food Factory is a vibrant place to work, with a supportive atmosphere for many Kiwi start-ups in the boutique food sector. The management has been very supportive and encouraging towards me and my ideas, and that’s made a huge difference to my motivation for excellence,” says Patrick.

Patrick works as a gardener for Nelmac during the day, but he loves being at the Food Factory in the quiet of the evening. It’s his happy place!

He grows the Chillies at Ruby Bay where the climate is ideal. Sun-ripened, organic Chilis are high quality in both their flavour and colour. No others are making a product like this, homegrown and organic chilli sauce. It’s unique and doesn’t contain any nasty preservatives or fake colouring.

“Techili goes through a natural fermentation process, which means it doesn’t require preservatives. It’s self-preserving and lasts a long time after opening.”

The labels on the bottle catch your eye. It was designed by Patrick’s friend and gets plenty of compliments.

“My customers have usually travelled overseas and love that hot spicy feeling that they may have experienced during their travels. They are the hipsters, trendy haircut/colourful kind of people who love it hot. Not so much the older Baby Boomers, who tend to like their steak super well done with lots of tomato sauce. It’s a style that boldly challenges conservative Kiwis.” laughs Patrick.

On the weekends Patrick loves living in Nelson. Mountain Biking and visits to the Abel Tasman and Golden Bay are amongst his favourite pastimes.

Techilli is sold at Benge & Co Green Grocers as well as Pic’s Peanut Butter World.

It makes an ideal gift for Christmas or birthdays. When was the last time your taste pallet had a party?


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  1. Patrick’s sauces are amazing and we love being able to provide commercial kitchens to support small business get started in the food industry. Thank you for supporting Te Chili.

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