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Black Enough- Hope River: Refinery ArtSpace

Black Enough- Hope River
“You’re not black enough.” This exhibition wages war against the slur, ignites a social critique on racial cognitive dissonance, and explores the identity politics faced by mixed-race individuals who navigate life in a Eurocentric culture. Drawing from her experiences as a Black-British woman, River signposts haunting times that expose the reality of what it truly means to be ‘black enough.’
You are warmly invited to raise a glass at an opening celebration of River’s latest exhibition along with fellow exhibiting artists
Sharon Duymel – MotherMother
Santalma – Beauty has no Borders
Santalma Art
5.30pm Monday 11th September
All Welcome

Beauty has No Borders – Santalma
“Can you imagine a hummingbird obsessed with becoming an elephant or vice versa? It sounds ridiculous because they each possess a unique and special beauty. The culture you identify with can have a vast influence on your inner thoughts about what constitutes beauty and can go a long way toward shaping how you feel about yourself and the people around you.
This series of paintings is a celebration of beauty in its many forms. It is my artistic wish that this work will inspire people to embrace and accept themselves. I believe doing so can lead to the creation of a more empathetic world, one where we are not afraid to be ourselves and open our hearts to learn about others.”
You are warmly invited to an opening festivity to celebrate Santalmas latest exhibition along with fellow exhibiting artists
Hope River – Black Enough @hope_river_artist
Sharon Duymel – MotherMother

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