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Scarves aren’t just for the winter: Taking Shape (Nelson)

Scarves aren’t just for the winter…at least, not for Rosa from our Northcote boutique they aren’t 😉🌈
We are just obsessed with these new scarves, exclusive to Taking Shape of course – and for good reason! Handmade, hand embroidered, and 100% wool! 🧣
The fabric is woven first, then hand painted, then embroidered by hand and finally the fringes are put on. These scarves take time to make which is why they’re so special. Not only do they look fabulous, but they are made with love. 💗
Tell us your absolute favourite way to wear a scarf this season!
And before anyone asks, Rosa is also wearing our NEW Ruffle Sparkle Natural Dress and Multi-Woven Sandal 😁
Shop our new scarves right here:


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