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Bright, fresh, clean and that’s just their new building! Local laundry experts make a move…

Bright, fresh, clean and that’s just their new building! Local laundry experts make a move…
The future is bright for the team at Master Valet Drycleaners and Apparelmaster. As bright and shiny as their brand-new premises on Gloucester St in Nelson.

Have you noticed that the business has moved, from their old site on Collingwood Street and been wondering where to find them?
Look no further, because the team is just a hop, skip and a jump away in a new building, one that has been custom fit out especially for them to cater to their recent – and future – growth.

Making the move, to a bigger building has been a big project for owners Bev and Darryl Hamilton to manage over the last 10 months, taking over the lease to the new building in November 2022.

“Darryl has project managed the work to get the building ready to move into. He’s worked with some great contractors to update the facade of the building, install the required lines for steam, water, air, then the fit out of all the machines and equipment. The result is fantastic, it is a real presence.”

“It has been a really busy time, but we hope customers weren’t impacted too much by the move. We closed in Collingwood Street on the Saturday and opened again on the Monday in Gloucester St – it was pretty full on.”

Master Valet and Drycleaners has come a long way since Bev and Darryl first took over the iconic Nelson business back in October 2014. Since taking on the Apparelmaster licence for the region in 2017, the business has experienced phenomenal growth.

Apparelmaster is a service for commercial, industrial and food companies, keeping local businesses looking smart in clean, well maintained, quality workwear that is supplied on a rental rotation. As well as workwear Apparelmaster will supply mats, towels, First Aid kits.

This allows businesses to focus on what they do best and not spending capital on workwear or washers and dryers.

This growth has necessitated the move to a much larger site. “We are now looking after more than 200 businesses across the region, ranging from food manufacturing, meat processing, cafes, engineers, and mechanics so that requires a lot more storage and more processing space. “

Bev puts the success of their business and the growing customer base, down to the fantastic customer service the team provides. “No matter their size, big or small, businesses want to know they will have their garments clean, returned on time and repaired where needed.”

As a business that heavily on relies on power and water to operate, Master Valet Drycleaners and Apparelmaster is committed to sustainable business practice and doing their bit to reduce their carbon footprint where possible. They were one of the first Nelson businesses to move to an electric van for local deliveries and have almost eliminated plastic usage on customers garments. In the new plant, they have invested heavily in water saving methods, and all steam pipes will be lagged.

Across the Apparelmaster group, each member is part of InStep Sustainability. The goal for Master Valet Drycleaners and Apparelmaster over the next six months is to measure their carbon footprint and set some goals into reducing that through best practice steps.

Being a family-owned and operated business is important to Bev and Darryl, as they see the difference it makes having local faces behind the counter, at the end of the phone doing business with locals. “We live in the community, we interact in the community with customers, socially and professionally. We already knew many of our customers coming into this business. People appreciate that especially in a provincial town like Nelson. We are also responsible for sixteen families who live in this community with us.

As a couple, their time is split differently, playing to each of their strengths in the business.
“Our days are pretty busy, but we complement each other in the ways we work.
My background is in finance, Darryl is very much the practical one. Darryl had the vision, and it was incredible to watch him bringing it to life with alongside our talented contractors, while I ensured the rest ticked over. Being family owned and operated extends to the team, as Bev and Darryl see their staff as a second family. “We have a great team. One of the things that we value is that people spend a lot of time at work, and we want to have an environment where people are happy, and they want to be part of it. “We look after our staff, with flexible hours where we can, and on-site massages bring the team along on the journey with us. That’s the beauty of being family owned and operated, we are very mindful of that.”

With happiness in mind, Bev says she and Darryl are looking forward to focussing on getting their work-life balance back on track. “It has been a really busy year and we have been immersed in this move. Our daughter Charlotte has been very patient as she has lived this project with us so now it is time more down time to enjoy as a family.”
Master Valet Drycleaners and Apparelmaster are now open for business on Gloucester St.
The building is new, but the business is the same. Drycleaning, laundry services and workwear solutions.
Put simply – take your dirty clothes and furnishings in, and they will come back out clean and fresh.
Any work wear needs, get in touch with the team today.


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