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Skin is a sponge. So what is yours soaking up?

Beauty is skin deep – that’s a daunting thought for those of us using a variety of different products on our faces each day.

With our skin already at the mercy of environmental factors such as UV rays, blue light and pollution, what else could we be unknowingly soaking up as part of our morning skincare routine?

Local business Purely Natural Skincare is the solution to taking the guesswork out of skincare and the key to restoring, rejuvenating and protecting your skin.

Purely Natural Skincare is a beautiful home-based studio offering organic facial treatments and relaxation to local women. Owner and trained cosmetician Edina Vig combines facials with various massages to relax the body and rejuvenate the skin, addressing age correction, dehydration, acne or skin sensitivity from pre-teens to mature ages.

Edina has always been a passionate advocate for helping others achieve beautiful skin, beginning her career in Hungary first, training as a cosmetician. “I have always been committed to natural skincare, so I became a Dr Hauschka cosmetician in my home country, and it changed my approach to skincare.

“I became aware of the need to enhance the skin’s own natural healing power through applying pure and concentrated plant based products. Applying these effectively corrects the skin’s imbalances, such as premature aging, sensitive skin, dehydration, dullness and acne.”

Edina understands all too well how many products are on the market when it comes to skincare and that it can be tough to navigate these to find the best for you.

When she and her family moved to New Zealand, she spent a long time sourcing a local product range to use when setting up her home-business.

“I tried and tested a wide range of different skincare products, and finally met with the organic Janesce range. With Janesce, I love the quality, pureness and natural fragrances.”

“The range is organic and highly concentrated. In plant-based products the varieties of the plants have been chosen for their therapeutic effects. They not only powerfully refresh and rejuvenate the skin, but can also treat a wider range of skin conditions with a pure, botanical range, such as acne, skin sensitivity, and rosacea.”

When choosing products, buying them off the shelf versus buying those recommended to you by a cosmetician can be a big risk. “Cosmeticians work with products which are not achievable in the mainstream market, because application of these require professional knowledge.”
“Your therapist diagnoses your skin and then chooses the best products for your skin type. You will have the best results in your skincare if you continually use the products offered by your therapist.”

With this in mind, Edina has some advice when it comes to the upcoming change of season, on how to protect and nourish your skin during the summer months.

“Most women have dehydrated skin without even knowing it, causing premature aging, skin sensitivity or various skin disorders. I offer the Janesce floral mists for the summer months which powerfully re-hydrate our skin, it can be applied over the top of makeup during the day. I also have a range of Janesce concentrates and serums that increase rejuvenation and hydration, as well as a range of moisturisers which lock moisture into our skin. Sun protection is also vital, the Janesce Suncare Lotion is a natural solution for being protected from sunburn.”

Edina is happy to guide first-time clients through her treatments, with options to suit all ages. Her most recommended starting point is the anti-ageing Janesce Treatment for ages 35+, which beautifully corrects and renews the skin and body.
“I use the most concentrated Janesce range, alongside various massages and techniques to remove toxins, increase the skin’s product absorption to deeply cleanse and hydrate your skin. It powerfully regenerates the skin, fills up wrinkles and completely renews you.”

Edina warmly welcomes clients to appointments at her Wellington St studio in Nelson. She offers an experience like no other, based on her own natural skincare experiences.

“When I first experienced a similar skincare treatment in Hungary, it was a very special moment for me. I remember how I left with a sense of beauty and inner balance and became passionate to share my unique experience with my clients. My treatments help my clients to become balanced and achieve beautiful skin.”

Treatment Q&A

q. How does a treatment work?
a. Each treatment starts with a warm, aromatic foot bath, followed by massages which relieve tension from your muscles before the facial starts. Treatments include; deep cleansing, lymphatic massage with soft brushes, a hydrating facial massage and warm aromatic compresses, along with floral mists, serums, moisturisers and a rejuvenating mask.

q. What is lymphatic massage?
a. A rhythmic movement, lymph stimulation with brushes. The thin lymph capillaries remove metabolic products and excess tissue fluid. The gentle brush strokes stimulate, relax and unblock the capillaries. The tissue’s self-cleansing function kicks in. The skin detoxifies, allowing oxygen and nutrients to access the cells quickly.

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