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Volunteering at Natureland

It’s not just a diverse range of animals who make Natureland a great place to be, we have a wide range of people too! People of all ages, from all walks of life. A very important and valued part of our team are our amazing volunteers. Here’s a shout out to them! They show up rain or shine, volunteering their time and skills to help our non-profit organisation keep growing. They are a very caring group of people who believe strongly in what they do. Without these unique individuals we would not be able to offer the amazing array of nature-based experiences to the community that we do. Being a charitable trust, we are incredibly grateful for the mahi these people contribute – together many hands make lighter work! Whether gardening, cleaning, working with animals or greeting our visitors – our volunteers have it sorted.

As well as a team of volunteers within Natureland itself, our colourful wee second-hand store ‘New to You’ on Hardy Street is kept sparkling by our hardworking volunteer network who always have a smile on their face and help make a warm and welcoming atmosphere. When you purchase your preloved goods, or give to us through your entry into Natureland, know you are helping support a very special non-for-profit organisation. Your support enables us to continue doing what we love! Including our important national and international conservation work and breed for release of native birds from Aotearoa.

Building a sense of community, inclusion and belonging is something we believe in fostering here at Natureland. There are many people in today’s world suffering from feelings of loneliness, those who experience trouble finding work due to disabilities, people who don’t feel they belong, and even those who have so much to give they just want a place to contribute to. Natureland is proud to be a loving and welcoming place for anyone, from anywhere, to come and experience belonging to part of a passionate and supportive team. If you or anyone you know wishes to volunteer with us, please feel free to get in touch with our friendly team.
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