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Sports Therapy – A One-stop Physiotherapy Centre in Nelson city

We all know what it’s like to have an injury that limits us from enjoying our favourite activities. Be it a rolled ankle, a sore neck or a twisted knee… it’s not a fun time for the injured and for those close to them.

Sports Therapy is an independent one-stop Physiotherapy treatment centre located at 132 Collingwood Street in Nelson. They have a huge wealth of knowledge, experience and qualified practitioners on-site to help anyone recover from a wide range of injuries.

This week we spoke with Candace, who leads the team and owns the Sports Therapy practice. We sit in the cafe on-site and enjoy a coffee. I can tell there is a great story behind this practice. There’s a good energy about the place as smiling clients walk past and say hello. Must be doing something right I say.

So, I begin with a question. Can you tell us a bit about how you arrived at this point in your career?

“I moved to New Zealand from the city of Calgary in Canada in 2002, and after working closely with the top Ice hockey players in Canada, I became the Physiotherapist for the New Zealand Ballet and the NZ Rowing team which were based in Cambridge, Hamilton.” says Candace.

After discovering Nelson during a biking adventure holiday, the oceans and mountains that surround Nelson City reminded me of my Canadian home – which I was missing at the time. I was offered the opportunity to become the owner of a small Physiotherapy Clinic that was located near the back end of Prices Pharmacy.

The rest is history and Sports Therapy has built a strong reputation and has grown. Candace employs 15 staff members who specialise in different areas of Physiotherapy as well as multiple styles of MOBIDERM Wrapping, Massage, Acupuncture, Kinesio Taping and Physio Therapists.

The venue is beautifully laid out and features a rehabilitation gym with lots of innovative equipment to help your body rebuild and recover.

Nelson Tasman has a huge amount of weekly sports competitions and leagues operating throughout the year and Sports Therapy can work in with your sports team to help the players perform at their best.

Candace loves being around active sportspeople. She was the Physiotherapist for the Nelson Giants, Nelson Suburbs (Junior Tall Blacks NZ Basketball team – this was only for 2 years) and the local Mako Rugby team for 13 years.

“Living in a region like Nelson provides countless activities like multi-sport, running, walking in the hills, mountain biking, swimming, golf, lawn bowls and the list goes on. If an injury prevents you from doing what you love it can be an emotionally challenging time. Sometimes it might be a limited range of movement that ruins your golf swing, causing pain or making it difficult to sleep. All these things can be treated – but they require expert guidance and take time.”

The Sports Therapy clinic is different to many others as they have a 45-minute consultation time. This helps them to get to understand what’s going on, collect good data and plan the pathway to a speedy recovery.

“We pride ourselves in our ability to treat every case in a way that’s customised to the patient. No one is just a number.”

Candace loves a jog in the hills after work and the staff are like one big family and are all lovers of the great outdoors in the Nelson Tasman region. The second you walk in the front door you are greeted with a smile.

Sports Therapy has the latest technology in strength measurement equipment onsite so you can be confident the treatment is explained thoroughly and you understand how to help yourself as well. Knowing how the injury happened will help prevent it from happening again. Your body is amazing, it will respond to the correct treatments.

Their website has some great products ranging from heat balms to knee braces and more.

Don’t let a niggling pain or past injury stop you from being active. Give them a call and make a booking.

Visit their website where you can easily book online
132 Collingwood Street, Nelson 7010
Opening hours:  7am – 7pm Monday – Friday

 Explore the virtual reality tour at Sports Therapy

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