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Alison Moore is our Feature Artist through March and April: Wall to Wall Art

Alison Moore is our Feature Artist through March and April with a new exhibition called ‘Look Life in the Eye’.
Alison’s photography tends to be off-the-cuff, random, endlessly guided by observation rather than direction. Inspiration can come from anywhere, depending as it does on light, pattern, texture and interpretation.
“I particularly enjoy an image that is somehow transformational (in the least metaphysical sense), an everyday item suggestive of something else. Or an intriguing pattern that emerges from a superficially mundane object.
“This family of photographs (and they are photographs, not manipulations) comprises your typical bunch of siblings: same background, different characters, and personal colour choices! They illustrate how moving the camera or subject by a degree or two can give stunningly different results. Here not so much in terms of composition, but colour and graphic impact. If there’s a theme to the group, it’s along the lines of: ‘Look life in the eye, then make a fractional shift in your perspective.’
“The photos are mounted on ACM (aluminium composite material), some directly on the brushed aluminium (suitable for outdoors as well as in) and some are fine art prints, laminated.”
Alison’s work will be on the Feature Wall until 9 April.

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