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Let’s Face It: The Suter Art Gallery

Let’s Face It

Saturday, March 16, 20249:30 AM
Sunday, June 30, 20244:30 PM
The Suter Art Gallery
208 Bridge StreetNelson, 7010, New Zealand
What makes a portrait? How do artists capture the essence of a person? How do portraits reflect the times and cultures they were created in? These are some of the questions that this exhibition invites you to explore, as you discover the fascinating world of portraits, from the past to the present.

This exhibition showcases a selection of portraits from The Suter’s collection, as well as some loan works from other sources, such as museums, galleries, and private collectors.

Don’t miss the chance to see Sally Burton’s stunning Wreck of The Delaware, featuring Lindauer’s portrait of Huria Matenga, a local heroine who saved the lives of sailors in a shipwreck. This painting is a masterpiece of storytelling and symbolism, and a tribute to the courage and compassion of Huria Matenga. This exhibition is part of the 125th anniversary of The Suter and celebrates the diversity and creativity of portraiture. Come and join us in this unique and interactive exhibition, and let’s face it together.

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