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Leah Foster Manager of Natureland: Passionate Advocates for Animal Conservation and Education

Leah Foster, the Manager at Natureland, brings a wealth of experience and dedication to her role, driven by her lifelong passion for animals and environmental sustainability. Originally from Queensland Australia, Leah spent 11 years as a zookeeper at Australia Zoo, heading the African wildlife area. Her background also includes veterinary nursing and degrees in wildlife science and environmental sustainability.

Leah’s journey to Natureland began when she visited New Zealand for a conference and fell in love with the country’s natural beauty. After relocating with her husband in December 2022, Leah approached Natureland expressing her interest in working there. She was offered the manager position, a role she has embraced with enthusiasm and commitment with exciting ideas for the future.

At Natureland, Leah oversees a diverse range of activities aimed at conservation, education, and community engagement.

The zoo’s collection includes exotic animals like Monkeys, Meerkats, and Porcupines, all of which are part of accredited breeding programs monitored by the Zoo and Aquarium Association. Leah explains, “We are actively involved in breeding programs for critically endangered species, contributing to global conservation efforts.”

In addition to exotic species, Natureland is actively involved in native New Zealand species’ conservation. Leah highlights their partnerships with conservation groups for breeding programs such as the yellow crown Kakariki, brown Teal (PKI), and South Island Kaka. These programs have seen remarkable success, with species transitioning from endangered to thriving populations.

Apart from conservation, Natureland focuses on public engagement and education. Leah mentions, “We offer daily talks and encounters, allowing visitors to learn about our animals and conservation efforts. One of the highlights is our Meerkat Experience that is on offer. Guests can come in and meet our gorgeous meerkats”. The zoo also hosts birthday parties and special events, providing a fun and educational experience for families.

Leah encourages the public to connect with Natureland through their website and social media platforms. “We are always happy to engage with our community and share our passion for conservation and wildlife,” she says.

Leah Foster’s leadership at Natureland reflects a deep commitment to conservation, education, and community involvement. Her expertise and passion drive Natureland’s efforts to protect endangered species, educate the public, and create meaningful connections between people and wildlife.

If you would like to get in touch with Natureland you can find their details at

You can find them near the Tahunanui Beach in Nelson.
1 Hounsell Circle, Tahunanui
Nelson 7011
New Zealand

Postal Address:
Natureland Wildlife Trust
PO Box 9032 Annesbrook, Nelson 7011
PHONE: 03 548 6166

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