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Know how to spot a fake: Nelson Tasman Chamber of Commerce

Nelson retailers! Please be aware that fake bank notes have been found in Nelson Tasman region and to take care when accepting cash. See update from the Reserve Bank of NZ below:
Reports to the Reserve Bank from the cash handling industry and Police suggest that up to 20 fake notes have been accepted by retailers in the area over the past month, and are likely the work of the same individual or group.
The fake notes are easily detected using the look, feel, tilt technique demonstrated on the Reserve Bank website, and which all cash handlers should use while taking and counting banknotes into the till. Often it is younger or migrant workers less familiar with our banknotes who are fooled, so a little training and practice should be part of any staff induction. Reserve Bank website has training resources you can download and use.
We urge retailers who end up with fake notes or turn them away to report the incidents to Police, keep video evidence, and to put any fake notes in an envelope to help preserve evidence.
Please note that genuine banknotes can have ink worn off revealing the clear plastic they are printed on, particularly if they have been stored folded. Even a worn genuine banknote will still have working security features, such as the colour bar that rolls up and down the smaller bird on portrait side of banknotes with the larger windows. Windows to the right of the portrait of both types of banknotes in circulation should be intact, not have tape over them, and show the correct denomination. The banknotes with the larger windows also have the hologram showing bird, fern, and correct denomination.


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