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Our best holiday advice?: Taking Shape (Nelson)

Our best holiday advice?
Walking in the heat all day? Sounds like you need Anti Chafes.
Want to comfortably wear a dress? Anti Chafes.
Don’t want to bring chafing cream on holiday? ANTI CHAFES.
Take it from our girl Jo – @‌icurvy who recently went on a Caribbean trip of a lifetime. Her lifesaver was none other than our Anti Chafe Shorts!
You can choose from breathable bamboo, super soft cotton, or stretchy integra fabrics.
Plus, to help you match with all your holiday outfits we have a variety of colours. From your classic neutrals to fun colour pops and patterns, there really is a pair for everyone. We even have a petite range. 😉
Our motto is to stop the chafe before it starts! 🏖️🌊
TELL US are Anti Chafing Shorts on your must-pack list when you go away?
Shop Anti Chafe Shorts here:

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