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Select suppliers of Hinkley Lighting in NZ: Storey Home Collection

We are one of the select suppliers of Hinkley Lighting in NZ!
Hinkley Lighting is an American lighting brand we love and trust!
A family owned and operated business, Hinkley provide a range of beautiful, quality designs fit for any home.
From sleek exterior wall lights, to grand interior chandeliers, we are proud to say we source their product!
You can find some of Hinkley’s products on our website and in our showroom, on display or in our catalogues. Enquire with our staff about Hinkley, and we can show you their range of luxury lighting!
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📸 | @philcrozier
🏠 | @Andison Residential Design
🔨 | @dreamridgehomes
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Design | @themddesignco
📸 | @sierraannphotography

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